Seiko IP5 Ink 500ml Sealed For Colorpainter W-54S / Colorpainter W-64S


Achieve rich, glossy quality in less the time with quick-drying Seiko GX Mild-Solvent High-Viscosity ink.

These inks provide strong adherence and long-term durability for outdoor projects including fleet graphics, custom vehicle wraps, banners, signs, awnings, fabrics, and backlit films as well as the precision needed for indoor canvas, papers and films. The ink set can be used in both 4 and 6 colour configurations on all ColorPainter W Series printers.

    - Ink Type: Original Seiko GX Mild-Solvent High-Viscosity Inks
    - Part Number: IP5-30X
    - Volume: 500ml per colours
    - Storage Temperature: 5 - 35°C
    - Storage Humidity: 10 - 80% RH (No condensation)
    - Colours:  6 available

    IP5-301 EGO-GX Y (Yellow) Ink
    IP5-302 EGO-GX M (Magenta) Ink
    IP5-303 EGO-GX C (Cyan) Ink
    IP5-304 EGO-GX K (Black) Ink
    IP5-305 EGO-GX Lc (Lt. Cyan) Ink
    IP5-306 EGO-GX Lm (Lt. Magenta) Ink

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