Seiko IP7 VX Ink (3 x 1000ml bottle)


Printer compatibility: Seiko Colorpainter H2P-74s / Colorpainter H2P-104s

Seiko VX inks are quality low-solvent pigmented inks designed to work with high-speed industrial piezo inkjet print heads. While they offer slightly less color and gloss than GX or GX 3M, they offer colors and speeds that are better than most other printers. Seiko VX inks come in 3 liter ink packs, priced right for today’s competitive marketplace - about 1/2 the price of higher performance low-solvent inks.
    This VX ink is suitable for Seiko Colorpainter H2P-74s / Colorpainter H2P-104s. This the original Seiko VX ink (part number IP7-3XX).

    - Ink Types: Original Seiko VX Low Solvent High-Viscosity Inks
    - Volume: 3 bottles of 1000ml per colors
    - Ink Usage Sq. Ft.: 0.65ml
    - Storage Temperature: 5 - 35°C
    - Storage Humidity: 10 - 80% RH (No condensation)
    - Colors: 4 colors available

    IP7-331    VX Y (Yellow) Ink
    IP7-332    VX M (Magenta) Ink
    IP7-333    VX C (Cyan) Ink
    IP7-334    VX K (Black) Ink

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