Spectra SL-128 AA Printhead


The SL-128 AA is a highly compact and light-weight jetting assembly designed specifically for ink jet applications requiring multiple printheads packed tightly together.

These modules are ideal for fast moving, high performance printer carriage designs. General compatibility with a wide range of fluids makes the SL-128 AA jetting assembly extremely versatile.

Two electrically independent piezoelectric slices, each with 64 addressable channels, are combined to provide a total of 128 jets. The nozzles are arranged in a single line, at a 0.020 inch distance between nozzles. Resolutions up to 450 dpi are possible.


  •     80 picoliter calibrated drop size
  •     Resolutions up to 450 dpi
  •     128 individually addressable, inline nozzles
  •     Lightweight and highly stackable
  •     Orientation independent
  •     Supports solvent and UV-curable based inks
  •     Dual ported for ease of flushing
  •     Optional temperature control

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