Ricoh Gen4 Printhead For Water/Solvent/UV printers



Ricoh Gen4 printhead has the following specifications: 384 channels, 30 kHz, greyscale capability, two colour support, it has an integrated heater and thermistor.
Ricoh Gen4 printhead is suitable for the wide range of water, solvent and UV printers.

Size - 63(W) x 63(D) x 16.2(H) mm (excluding cables)
Head materials - SST, Ni & Epoxy adhesive (Direct contact with ink)
Nozzle plate surface - Non-coated SST
Number of nozzles - 2x 192 channels
Ink inlet port - 2x dual ports
Piezo type - D33 stacked PZT
Drop ejection mode - Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Integrated electronics - Low-voltage serial to high-voltage parallel converter with 2-bit shift resistors and transmission gate outputs.
Temperature control - Integrated heater and thermistor
Operating temperature range - Up to 60 ° C

Compatible jetting fluids - Water, solvent, oil, UV curable
Viscosity range - 10-12 cP (at operating temp.)
Surface tension - 28-35 dynes/cm

Native drop volume - 7 pico-liter
Drop volume range / variation - 5-25 pico-liter with grey-scale / ±10%
Drop velocity nominal / variation - 8 m/sec / ±10%
Crosstalk - 10% or less with all channels firing
Jet straightness 1 sigma - < 3.5 milli-radian from nozzle centerline
Operating jetting frequency - Native drop; Up to 30kHz / Grey-scale; Up to 20kHz
Life - 100 billion actuation’s per nozzle

Ricoh Gen4 is compatible with Apollo and Gunsjet printers.

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