PV 180/600 UV Electronic Ballast (Honle) - P4119-A


Manufacturer: VUTEk
Printer compatibility: VUTEk PressVu UV 180/600, Durst Rho 205 / Rho 500 / Rho 600 / Rho 700 / Rho 800 HS / Rho 800 Presto
DP part number : PLAVU12643

This Honle UV Electronic Ballast (Honle) is suitable for VUTEk PressVu 180/600 printers. It features continuously variable power control, has a compact design and ensures longer lamp life. It provides 5800 W and 16A. This is the original VUTEk part (number P4119-A) This ballast can also be used for Durst Rho printers as it is identical.

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